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Jan 29


the boys are five (five!)

maria is getting married (MARRIED!) (as is a dear college pal)

my best friend’s sister is having a giiiirl!

the ransom house is on the market

and i? well folks, i got my license!

Jan 9

alright, alright. i am gonna band wagon this one. why? because it gave me the goosebumps and that is reason enough. very, very cool.


Jay-Z made a song for his baby daughter called “Glory”— featuring young Blue Ivy herself.

Oct 19

the three loves of my life.

Sep 29

can. not. wait. #tomorrow.

Aug 22

you’ve come a long way, baby. 

Aug 16
the dempsey, of deardempsey. <3 <3

the dempsey, of deardempsey. <3 <3