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Feb 3
sunday morning FaceTime with jihad? why yes, yes me and the ransoms will!

sunday morning FaceTime with jihad? why yes, yes me and the ransoms will!

Apr 23

my favorite boys. <3

Apr 17

jlp x 2

i am nothing if not my father’s daughter.


1. don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole

2. no one can make you feel a certain way. you make yourself feel that way.

wise & noble words for your tuesday. hat tip to joan and john picco

Jan 13


…or bust!

i love train travel. LOVE IT. it’s been since 2006 that i was on an amtrak. needless to say, i am excited.  i’ve got 11/22/63. i’ve got two issues of the new yorker. i’ve got the latest real simple and time. i’ve got my tickets and i am ready to ride.

what’s better is that 1. it’s snowy out 2. i will be zooming through towns i’ve yet to zoom through. 3. all of this leads to what promises to be a very relaxing weekend.

Jan 4

on becoming my mother:

  • re-using ziplock baggies
  • keeping the crumbly parts of cereal and toting it around in my bag for two days. just so i could pour it on my yogurt.
  • saving envelopes for their return address labels and then gluing them (yes, with a gluestick) into my daily planner’s address book section. in alphabetical order.
  • keeping a calendar (or several of them) with notations ranging from the sentimental to mundane.
  • taking the mini toiletries home from hotels and stashing them in my drug cabinet. hey, now! don’t pretend you haven’t stayed at the palace flophouse and grill and not been handsomely rewarded with your own set of towels, mini shampoo and soap. if i really like you? a shower cap.
  •  organizing my bookshelf by color
  • re-organizing bookshelf by alphabetical order
  • changing said bookshelf back. the same day.
  • insisting that you take a granola bar for the road. or a banana. no seriously! i insist. take the granola bar!
  • repeating i love you and goodbye at the end of a telephone conversation for about 5 minutes until the conversation finally ends. 
  • firmly believing in the importance of handwritten notes. on scraps. on a paper towel. whatever. then stashing it inside your packed lunch or book. 
  • rambling voicemails

Nov 1


Oct 19

the three loves of my life.

Aug 23
YAY! Sister is blogging again.

YAY! Sister is blogging again.

Aug 22

you’ve come a long way, baby. 

Aug 21

this is life in 2011. 

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