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Nov 7

#hilarious #ilovemymother

  • mom: I got your forwarded email. That was neat. That Oliver* you sent it to originally? I googled him. Have you seen his website, Johna? It's very good work.
  • me: Different Oliver, Mom.
  • mom: Oh. Okay. Because I googled him and you should really check it out. And you know, if I was able to find it that easy, then...
  • mom: You know.
  • me: Yeah, Mom. Different Oliver. And I am craftier than that! You know this.
  • mom: His resume is really impres---(cut off)
  • me: I know. I've seen---(cut off)
  • mom: He has his masters in--(cut off)
  • me: Yes. I know. He's shown me his portfolio and resume. Too bad he's gay. Different Oliver, Mother!
  • *names changed, of course.